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Mobile Battery Saving Tricks&Tips

How to Save Battery on Mobile
Tell the device o only use 2g networks. (Settings>wireless controls>mobile network>use only 2G networks) if you do not need access to high speed data, or there is no 3G or 4G network where you live , you can tell Android to only use 2G mobile network. You will still have access to EDGE network data and wifi if needed.

Reduce the brightness of your display.
(Settings>sound & Display>Brightness) Most people can see am android display quite will with the back lighting feature turned off.Move the slider all the way to the left, then try using the device that way. If you can't see it well in that setting, Move the slider to the right only as far as necessary to view the display comfortably. Alternative , auto brightness coupled with power saving mode (found on most samsung , LG , Sony and some Motorola devices) will conservatively adjust the display to the surroundings to only the brightness necessary.

If your device has an AMOLED screen, always use a black background.
AMOLED screen can reduce power usage sevenfold by displaying black instead of white or any other colour. When searching on your phone you can also use black google mobile at to get standard Google result (including images) all in black

Set your screen timeout to the shortest length possible.
(Settings>sound&display>screen timeout)
This setting tells the device to turn off the screen after the selected period of inactivity. The shorter the period, the less power you display will use. The setting options vary from phone to phone

Turn off wireless feature when no need.
(Settings>wireless controls>wifi, or the wireless settings free app) the wireless networking transmitter uses quite a bit of power. Even when the device is not connected to a network, it will continue to search for one on a regular basis.

Turn off the Bluetooth feature when not needed.
(Settings>wireless controls>Bluetooth) For the same reasons as you should turn off WiFi, turn off the Bluetooth feature if you are not using it.

Turn off the GPS.
(Settings>security&location>Enable GPS satellites) When the GPS receiver in your android device is active it look for satellites, and its processor prepares information to be sent to any application that need it, regardless of whether an application that uses the GPS is running or not. If you are not navigating, turn off GPS and let the device use whatever alternative location services you wireless network provider may offer.

Use the power control widget.
(Home screen>menu>add>widget>power control) As of Android 1.6, there is a widget that you can place on any one of your home screen that gives you quick control buttons of WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, Push sync and screen brightness(three levels. Use this to control your settings and turn them off to save battery power, as stated above. This is a nice easy shortcut.

turn off the phone vibration function.
If your device is running Android 4.0 or high, press the volume down button until your phone hoes in to vibration. Press it once more to turn vibration off. If you have android 2.2 or high, go to settings>sound&display>phone vibration. The tiny device inside your phone that generates the vibration uses power every time it is activated

Do not leave applications running when you don't need them.
Close them and return to the home screen

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
2007, January , Released 2007 , June


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